Volunteers to restore 30 churches in Pskov with presidential grant

Thirty churches in the Pskov Province will soon be renovated as part of the Russian Church’s volunteer project “Our Ancient Churches.” The necessary equipment will be purchased with funds from a presidential grant, said Alexander Shepelev, a representative of the Andrei Bogolyubsky Foundation, at a press conference last week, reports Pskov Newsfeed.

According to Shepelev, the project will involve the efforts of volunteers and parishioners, undertaking a one-time cleaning of the surrounding areas and cosmetic repairs to the facades of thirty churches.

2018 was identified as a year of volunteering, Shepelev said, and the movement continues, including in the Church, and they thought it would be a good idea to ask the parishioners to do some more.

“Especially in Pskov, there is a huge number of small churches. They look different, in different conditions, but anyone who comes to the city sees them first through their external appearance. So the thought arose to correct this picture by the efforts of parishioners and interested residents of Pskov, to make it more fresh and beautiful,” he explained.

The idea for the project was discussed with the local administration and formulated and finalized in a presidential grant that was provided. The grant funds will mostly go towards purchasing the necessary equipment—paint, whitewash, etc. Each of the thirty churches will receive about $960 (63,000 rubles)—about $28,700 in all (1,890,000 rubles).

Shepelev also urged Pskov residents to participate in the project: “We’re looking for people who want to live in a beautiful city and enjoy what they see around them.”

Source: Orthochristian.com