Washington Deanery Christian Education Meeting

On Thursday June 15th the new director of Christian Education for the Eastern Diocese, Dean Dr. Jovan Antic, met with the clergy and church school coordinators of the Washington Deanery at St.John the Baptist Serbian Orthodox Church in Paterson NJ.. Meeting with Deacon Jovan were V.Rev. Fr. Alexander Vlajkovich (Dean of the Washington Deanery), V.Rev. Fr. Djokan Majstorovic (host priest), V. Rev. Fr. Ivan Marjanovic (Portland ME.), V. Rev. Fr. Vladislav Radujkovic (New York City), V. Rev. Fr. Zoran Radovic (Elizabeth, NJ.), Rev. Fr. Sasa Nedic (Elizabeth, NJ.), Rev. Fr. Borjan Vitanov (Lebanon, PA.), Rev. Fr. Christopher Rockage (Steelton, PA.), V. Rev. Fr. Milorad Orlic and Protinica Milena Orlic (Philadelphia, PA.).  

In what was largely intended to be a "meet and greet" session with the new director of Christian Education, the meeting was also a very fruitful session with a rich exchange of ideas and initiatives undertaken by each community in their endeavors to further Christian Education. A lively discussion focused on methods which were successful,and those that were not. Deacon Dr. Jovan stressed the need for workshops for teachers and families, teaching approaches that engaged children and all their senses, teaching methods which consisted more than merely lecturing, and a consciousness that our American ambient had its uniqueness and, as such, our teaching approaches had to be in accord with this reality.   Following a very beneficial meeting, a luncheon was provided for all present by the members of the host community.

Source: easterndiocese.org