What Is Happening In Kosovo Is Not An Interethnic Conflict But A Pogrom Against The Serb Population

According to most recent reports, the seat of the Diocese in Prizren and the 19th century Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Great Martyr George have been set on fire, confirmed the monks of Holy Archangels Monastery. The fate of priest-monk Miron Kosac, who was in the Bishop's residence with German soldiers remains unknown. It is assumed he may have been evacuated to a German military base. Also in flames in the 14th century Church of Christ the Savior located on the hill above the old part of the city.

The Diocese of Raska-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija wishes to inform the public that what is happening in Kosovo and Metohija is not an interethnic conflict but a classic POGROM against the unarmed and unprotected Serb population. While Serb hospitals, homes, the Seminary and churches are burning and Serbs themselves are being shot by snipers, KFOR is demonstrating complete inability to stop the uncontrolled rioting of the Albanians while Albanian leaders calmly and peaceful wait for the completion of the process of ethnic cleansing which will resolve the question of the final status of Kosovo and Metohija, and express their regret and "concern".

Calling these events an interethnic conflict represents the greatest possible crime because all the victims of the events that occurred today are Serbs, while the clashes have been between international forces and Albanian hordes running amok in the towns and villages of Kosovo and Metohija.

The fate of the remaining Serbs in Vitina remains uncertain after a final message requesting assistance from Fr. Dragan Kojic. Serb houses in Gnjilane are in flames. Wild hordes of Albanians are reveling throughout Prizren destroying everything Serb in front of them. Serb refugee villages are in permanent danger while central Kosovo villages are slowly being destroyed and torched.

Especially tragic is the situation in Prizren where nothing is known about the fate of the remaining 60-odd Serbs there, including eight Serbs who lived in the building of the torched Seminary. Fr. Miron reports that shouts and revelry can be heard throughout the city along with the torching of Serbian holy shrines. The Church of the Mother of God of Ljevis and other medieval churches in Prizren are in tremendous danger.

Serbs appear to be increasingly convinced that this course of events has been practically pre-planned by Albanian extremists and their mentors to finally cleanse Kosovo and Metohija of the Serb community.

The Diocese of Raska-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija is horrified by the fact that KFOR and UNMIK will not allow Serbian state institutions, military and police forces to assist the unprotected population. Instead, eight million Serbs are supposedly to quietly and despairingly watch as Serbs are slaughtered and killed like animals in this arena. It is impossible that 18,000 KFOR soldiers equipped with the most modern technology and weapons are unable to stop this pogrom. It is impossible that international circles are unable to force the Albanian leaders to bridle their storm troopers who are burning everything in front of them.

The Diocese once again appeals for urgent and concrete measures to protect the remaining Serb population, above all, the lives of children and the weak who will be the greatest victims of these crimes which are multiplying from hour to hour.