Work being finished on Athonite church dedicated to St. Paisios

Work is nearing completion on the first church to be dedicated to St. Paisios the Hagiorite on Mt. Athos, reports Russian Athos.The church is being built in the kellia of the Resurrection of Christ in Kapsala on Mt. Athos, which was created at the blessing of St. Paisios himself.

Work on the church began in June 2016, soon after the canonization of St. Paisios. The walls and dome have been erected, and the interior work is under way. It is expected to be completed in just a few months. The monastic brotherhood hopes to have the new church consecrated some time between autumn of this year and June of 2018.

The project was planned and carried out by Elder Euphemios, who was a spiritual son of St. Paisios, and Elder Isaac, another disciple of this saint of our times.

At the blessing of St. Paisios, Fr. Euphemios founded a monastic community in the kellia of the Resurrection of Christ in Kapsala. He also helped to popularize the biography of the great elder, which was compiled by Elder Isaac, who received the monastic tonsure from St. Paisios.