Zvezdana visits Patriarch

His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch received on May 13, 2011 at the Court of the Serbian Patriarchate a brave girl, Zvezdana Jurica, with parents Valerija and Slobodan, brother Nemanja and members of the editorial staff of "Svetosavsko zvonce".  

Zvezdana traveled with mother, while fighting with the vicious Batten disease, even to the other part of the planet, to China, where there is onlz possibility of treating this terrible and lethal disease. Thanks to the humanitarian action of the "Svetosavsko zvonce" magazine and its readers: "Let's help Zvezdana's star do not gone out" during February and March 2011, the funds are collected for Zvezdana's medical treatment in China. On the journey of hope Zvezdana and her mother went at the end of March. We are eagerly awaited news.

"Zvezdana is better now, she can sit alone and she is constantly smiling" - these were the first words of Zvezdana's mother, as soon as they came back from the treatment in Beijing. After these words, a sigh of relief and smile illuminate the faces of all who are waiting for news from China.

We are grateful to everyone who joined in on the action. With God's help the time was defeated  (which was for Zvezdana, without a new dose of medicine, inevitably running out).  

The progress after treatment in China is already evident, and the real results will be able to review after two months, how much it is necessary the results to be shown of this new method of the treatment.

We hope that the cure for this terrible disease at the time will appear in retail, which would allow an equal battle against the Batten disease.

Source: Svetosavsko zvonce