A Conference by the International Foundation for the unity of Orthodox Christian Nations

The international Conference in Banja Luka (Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina) in February, 26-29, 2008 was organized by the International Foundation for the unity of Orthodox Christian Nations in cooperation with the Serbian Orthodox Church, and with support from the state authorities of the Republic of Srpska. It welcomed participants from the Inter-parliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy, as well as political, public and religious figures from 22 countries of the world. The participants carefully considered the live issues of the place and the role of the traditional religious values in modern society, realizing their rich positive potential for peace-making, and discussed the actual state and prospects of development in this context of interreligious dialogue.

The participants of the Conference observed that the religious and cultural traditions are a leading spiritual, moral and peace-making force in a traditional society, in a traditional state, in the traditional policy based on common sense, as well as in a traditional family blessed with the bounds of an ecclesiastical marriage. However, not only does the tradition create and protect the world. It is also in need of peace and protection. It is a condition that politicians, the clergy, and public figures should always bear in mind.

The participants of the Conference gave serious attention to cultural issues, and noted the necessity of considering the new instants when a collision with the globalization had forced a nation to identify itself with traditional national cultures with greater expression.

Special emphasis was given to the competitiveness of the Orthodox religious and cultural systems of cultural wealth which is interesting and necessary for the rest of the world.

The Conference also pointed out to the value of further contribution to inter-Orthodox dialogue of those respected international organizations, such as the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy and the International Foundation for the Unity of Orthodox Christian Nations that are successful in defending the traditional religious values with skill and persistence.

Source: www.ecclesia.gr