Dialogue of Civilizations Forum to discuss problems of Europe in Prague monastery

The International Conference Dialogue in Prague: Europe in the 21st Century is to be held on May 13-15 in the Břevnov cloister, Prague. The participants in the conference will focus on such subjects as the world economic crisis and potential influence of the state on contemporary development, international cooperation and interreligious dialogue in the changing model of social development in Europe, the World Public Forum Dialogue of Civilizations, which convenes the conference, told Interfax.

Other topics to be discussed are the role and the stance of young people role in current international situation, aggravated social risks and problems of migration processes in European space.

The conference will be held under the auspices of the Speaker of the Czech Chamber of Deputies Miloslav Vlček. The Dialogue of Civilizations president Vladimir Yakunin and former Czech Prime Minister Miloš Zeman will co-chair the conference.

Source: Interfax religion