False interpretation of freedom gives rise to collective devil obsession - Patriarch Kirill

Wrong interpretation of freedom in the world today gives rise to massive devil obsession, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia believes. "People subdue their minds to dangerous and sinful ideas, don't they? Today many ideologies use God-granted freedom to turn man into animal, to liberate sinful, instinctive human sources with reference to freedom," the Patriarch said at his Sunday sermon in Christ the Savior Cathedral.

According to the Russian Church Primate, bearers of this ideology promote the slogan, "Live as you wish! You're free! If you want to live as your instinct dictates you, please, do!" "Literature and media pick up this idea of living by instinct. Mass media introduce such stereotypes into people's minds and millions of people enslave their intellect with demonic thoughts and become obsessed by devil," the Patriarch said.

"The devil's task is to make the entire world obsessed, to bring every person under his authority, Patriarch Kirill reminded. It is done subtly and intelligently in a demonic way. With very few exceptions, today we don't see devil-obsessed people who cry and fall to the floor. Such people would be taken to a mental institution and isolated. While to keep demonic work going, people obsessed by evil, shouldn't be isolated. On the contrary, they should influence others."

According to the Patriarch, "the Church's task is to tell people about the danger of being obsessed by devil, about lack of vitality in human society subordinated to the devil's power."

Source: Interfax religion