Finnish Goths believe Patriarch Kirill is a man of faith

Musicians from Finnish gothic rock group From Ashes can't help sharing their impressions of the new Patriarch with their friends from the Russian Orthodox Church. "I read an interview of your new patriarch Kiril and it feels he's really a man of faith," the group leader wrote in his letter to Rector of the Descent of the Holy Sprit Church on Lazarevskoye cemetery Hegumen Sergy (Rybko) and coordinator of the Orthodox Fraternities Union Yury Ageschev.

In his letter handed over to Interfax-Religion, the musician confessed that though he was a Lutheran he respected "the Orthodox tradition and especially the orthodox liturgy in many ways" and wished to play in Moscow.

"God bless you and your mission. Blessed is the kingdom of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and forever and to the ages of ages!" the rocker sums up his letter.

From Ashes plays dark metal-gothic music. The team has many compositions on Christian themes in their repertoire.

Source: Interfax religion