More than 160,000 People Hear the Gospel During Historic Festival in Honduras

A 6 day, region-wide evangelistic campaign that included more than 300 participating churches, and involved food and clothing distribution, spiritual leadership training, business conferences, and much more. It came to a joyous end as more than 110,000 people came together on the grounds of Esadio Olipico for Fiesta Catracha with Mike Silva. The two-day attendance for the festival was more than 160,000.

More than 150 volunteers from the United States traveled to Honduras to serve with Mike Silva International. Their week started with visits to schools, barrios, churches, and orphanages where they distributed food, toys, and Gospel coloring books and beaded bracelets. At these locations, they shared their faith through clowning, preaching, stories, and singing.

Volunteer Clay Perkins of Longview, Texas, said, "I came not knowing what to expect. I was surprised by the depth of poverty and hunger for both spiritual and physical food. It is a tremendously humbling experience to be a part of this work and to minister in the name of the Lord to people in need."

A medical team from the United States also traveled with the Silva Team and partnered with teams from Cuba and Honduras. They took part in more than 1,000 exams and procedures ranging from dentistry, gynecology, and general medicine.

Volunteer Sara Fisher, a nurse from Silverton, Oregon, participated in the medical ministry. She said, "The medical needs of the people of San Pedro Sula are beyond what we could provide. However, the Lord brought together many care professionals from all over the world to serve the people here. This was an excellent experience for the health care professionals involved, and we heard many great stories of people who were touched by the care they received."

During the week Mike Silva, Max Lucado, and Dr. Jim Williams spoke to pastors encouraging them to work in unity and to continue to proclaim the Gospel in their community. Silva also spoke with the San Pedro Sula police and at a dinner for the city's top business leaders.

The outreach culminated in a two day evangelistic festival on Friday and Saturday night on the grounds next to the Esadio Olipico. Artists at the festival included Rescate, Raza for Christ, Jaci Velasquez, Vico - C, Vertical, Jez, Manny Montes, Pilo Tejeda, and Jailene Cintron.

Hundreds of children arrived early on Saturday to sing and dance with Ms. Tani.

The crowds came out in force on both nights to experience the free event. Every age and socioeconomic level was represented in this poverty stricken area.

The Gospel message was presented multiple times from the stage over two days by Silva, Lucado and others. Silva made the call to commitment on both nights. He challenged the crowd by saying, "This gift is free. Salvation from your sins comes through Jesus Christ. It is a free gift. You can't earn it - no matter how hard you try. All you have to do is accept it and follow Jesus Christ."

Thousands raised their hands when the call to follow Christ was given. Those who raised their hands were met by a "Friend of the Festival" who confirmed their commitment and answered questions.