Moscow artist presented icon made of roses to Patriarch Kirill

Artist Tatyana Petrova presented Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia an original copy of Andrey Rublyov's Holy Trinity icon made of rose petals. "I worked all summer. I toned blue roses slightly - other colors are natural," Petrova told an Interfax-Religion correspondent after conveying the icon to the Patriarch after the Sunday Liturgy at St. Andronik monastery where the famous icon painter is buried. This year his 650th birthday is celebrated.

The artist invented the technique of making icons with petals herself, her works are unique. Two previous icons - of the Savior and the Holy Virgin - have already been located at the monastery refectory.

"To make the Holy Trinity icon when we celebrate Andrey Rublyov's 650th birthday, to touch upon his name is a gift for an artist, for a believer," Petrova, who has been lecturing at Moscow Architecture Institute for twenty years, said.

The Patriarch thanked the artists and took the present with him.

Source: Interfax religion