First time in history of Russian Navy a sailor becomes rector of a church opened at the Baltic Fleet

An Orthodox church of St. Feodor Ushakov was opened in the rocket ships brigade on the Baltic Fleet where a sailor of involuntary service has become a rector, the Navy press service said.

Rector of St. George Navy Cathedral of the Baltic Fleet Hegumen Sofrony (Kolosov) opened the new Orthodox church. He introduced the rector of the new church, who was a priest in the Penza Region before conscription, to the parish.

Father Alexander Yeroshin, 25, decided to develop Orthodox tradition and fulfill his civil duty to the Motherland and conscribed to the involuntary military service. After taking oath of enlistment he was assigned to the rocket boat R-187 where he serves as a signalman.

"It's yet the only incident in the history of the modern Russian Navy when a rector of Orthodox church was enlisted to a military ship as a sailor-guardsman. At his free from navy service time sailor Yeroshin will change his military uniform for a cloak and as Father Alexander will celebrate divine services in a church of the military unit," the press service reports.


Source: Interfax