Visit to the Russian Orthodox monastery in Bombala

Visit to the Russian Orthodox monastery in Bombala

The church municipality " Saint Prince Lazar" organized a three-day visit to the Russian Orthodox Monastery of the Holy Transfiguration of the Lord nearby Bombala. 

A group of children, pupils of the church school Lazarica and their parents went on a journey to the monastery on Friday, September 23, 2011. The group was led by father Branko Bosancic.

We traveled with one minibus with 25 seats. Day was beautiful, without rain.  Along the way we watched the beautiful nature which surrounded us. The journey was a long and strenuous and after six hours of driving on the asphalt we went on  awinding road covered with pebbles. came across the roadПутовали смо једним мини аутобусом од 25 места. Along the way we saw many animals: kangaroos, sheep, cows and horses.

We arrived to the monastery where hieromonk Sergije welcomed us and also informed us about the rules of behaviour of the guests who come to this monastery.

The next day we had many activities. Early in the morning, about 6 O'clock, our group was at the Holy Liturgy, then we visited a small church - chapel, which was  the beginning of this church. Also we listened about the history of this church in which liturgies were still served.

A next step was a workshop of father Alexy who told us all about icon painting in a technic of mosaics and his painting. The group of children was very interested for this sort of art.

Then the group of children went to the pottery workshop to  experience themselves this way of making plates, cups and vases of clay.

The monastery has a magnificent garden. We saw many sorts of vegetables  that  are grown here. We also helped to make a lunch, because it was very close to the lunch time.

Later there was a vesper service and following that a dinner. After dinner we had a  little rest around the campfire and over it we  fried sweets  - marshmallows.

Source: Metropolitanate of Australia-New-Zealand