A Christian appeal

A Christian appeal

Earlier this year, we came together as a community United in Faith, Love and Action – working against the clock to find a matching bone marrow donor for Jelena Stojakovic.

I regret to inform you that despite your generous willingness to help, and our combined efforts to save her life, Jelena fell asleep in the Lord at a Seattle cancer treatment center on Tuesday, November 15. She was 32 years old. She was devoted to the Lord in faith and to improving the condition of her fellow man as shown through her years of service at International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC).

During her last days among us, Jelena’s family, friends and her mother — who were at her side as she took her last breath — found comfort in your outpouring of love and the knowledge that you were willing to donate your own bone marrow to extend her life. And while we did not succeed in finding a donor, there is still a chance to show your love and respect for this noble soul by making a donation to help defray the costs of transporting her body so that she may be buried in Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, her home.

Please consider — now — making a donation for whatever amount you feel comfortable via PayPal to Djurdjevich@gmail.com.

For those who wish to donate by writing a check, please make out the check to Sveta Gora Funeral Home, and write Jelena Stojakovic in the memo line. Please mail checks through the US Post Office to her Kuma Natalija Djurickovic or Anna Pavichevich, who is making the funeral arrangements and transport of Jelena’s body via Sveta Gora Funeral Home in Chicago, IL.


Natalija Djurickovic
2102 Hutchinson Grove Court
Falls Church, VA 22043

Anna Pavichevich
6007 N. Sheridan Road
Unit 8B
Chicago, IL 60660

$15,000 is needed to transport Jelena and her mother back to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Initial costs have been paid by Sveta Gora Funeral Home, until sufficient funds can be raised. Sveta Gora estimates the cost to be approximately $10,000; however, we would like to pay for Jelena’s mother’s ticket home and for the cost of a companion to accompany her during her time of excruciating grief. If there are funds remaining, they will be used to purchase a tombstone and register Serbs in the Bone Marrow Registry in Belgrade, Serbia, at €250 (Euros), or about USD $337.50 per person. If we can register and save a future life, Jelena’s legacy and spirit will live on.

To all who registered as bone marrow donors, to those who volunteered, and to those who prayed — thank you. May your willingness to help, and the earnestness with which you had hoped to be the match, be recognized and rewarded richly by our Lord who sees the best in everyone.

God Bless,
Anna Pavichevich
Natalija Djurickovic Stamenkovic
Mara Milanovic
Tomislav Djurdjevich

Source: www.newgracanica.com