133rd anniversary of Kolarac

On the occasion of the 133rd anniversary of the Kolarcev People’s University in Belgrade, the celebratory program was organized on November 22 and annual awards ceremony of this endowment. At the traditional gathering of the Kolarac Endowment, in celebration of the anniversary and patron saint’s day of this institution, painter Nina Radoicic has received the annual award for the best exhibition, entitled “Afghani women”, which was on display in February. The plaques for extraordinary merits have been awarded to historian Ljubodrag Dimic, astronomic observatory in Belgrade and RTV Studio B.

Many guests and associates were greeted by director of the Kolarac Endowment Jasna Dimitrijevic, who reminded that Ilija Milosavljevic Kolarac was a renowned Serbian charity donor, and in his will from 1878 he left his property to the Serbian people, to spread science and culture. “While still alive, Kolarac had established a literary fund in 1861, to help the development of Serbian literature and science, and part of the assets was to be used in building the people’s university, where educated people could pass on and spread knowledge”, explained Dimitrijevic.

The work of this institution has been going on for 133 years, and all their programs have good turnout, while the quality is constant. More than 200 lectures are held annually, more than 300 concerts and other music programs are organized in the hall well known for excellent acoustic features, and the gallery hosts 15 exhibitions.

Among the important events in this year, Dimitrijevic has underlined the adoption of the law on endowments and foundations and the law on restitution; part of the works on making it accessible for persons with disabilities has been done; the youth office has been opened; and the new program “How to listen to music” is aimed at the youngest population. “A good program and will of various generations and social strata to learn make us special and successful every year”, assessed Dimitrijevic.

The anniversary was celebrated with a concert from the cycles “Music scene greats”, featuring the Bester Quartet from Krakow.

Let us remind, the Kolarcev people’s University is a cultural and educational institution founded in Belgrade on 19 October 1932. It was based on the Endowment of Ilija Kolarac, who had bestowed in will 50 thousand ducats to the Serbian people, “for the development of cultural and educational activities”. Today, the program of the institution encompasses the promotion of science and art through lectures, exhibitions, concerts, publishing and classes in foreign languages – all in the spirit of the legacy of Ilija Milosavljevic Kolarac.