20 churches and monasteries of Moscow to take part in the "Forty Forties" festival on City Day

This year in Moscow as part of the City Day celebrations, the Orthodox music festival "Forty forties" will take place once again. 20 Moscow parishes will take part in the festival: famous monasteries and churches of the historical part of the capital as well as the churches under construction in the “bedroom” communities of Moscow.

On specially installed stages, musical collectives of widely different genres will perform. These will include classical music orchestras, folk ensembles, famous folk-bands, and rock musicians. Theatre productions will also be held and master classes on traditional Russian crafts will be organized for all those who wish to participate.

The organizers of the Orthodox music festival, with support of the Department of culture of the city of Moscow, are the Synodal Informational Department of the Russian Orthodox Church, and the Russian Orthodox University.

Source: pravoslavie.ru