Backhoe driver refused to participate in destruction of monastery in Montenegro

Photo: spzh.newsWhile the Montenegrin authorities began demolishing supposedly “illegal” structures of the Serbian Orthodox Church yesterday beginning with the monastics’ residence at the new St. Basil of Ostrog Monastery in Ulcinj, one backhoe driver took a stand and refused to participate in such a blasphemous act.

Miroslav Koprivica was sent on a job by his construction company, and only when he arrived did he realize he was sent to demolish the monastery’s property.

“This morning, my company sent me to Ulcinj with a backhoe, but they didn’t say where to go and what I would be doing,” Korpivica said yesterday, reports the Montenegro Direct Line Telegram channel.

“Only when I arrived did I see what it was about. I immediately got out of the backhoe and told them I wouldn’t destroy anything or participate it in this. I crossed myself and walked away on foot,” Korpivica said.