Orthodox cemetery desecrated in Kosovo and Metochia

Unidentified delinquents desecrated an Orthodox cemetery located between villages of Tomance and Petrovce in the Kosovska Kamenica community (in the Southeast District), the Kosovo diocesan website has reported on Friday, October 3rd 2008.

According to the head of the village administration Ivan Petrovic, two gravestones are destroyed, several crosses are broken, metallic fence and gates are damaged, windows in the utility houses are also broken.

"We still don't know exactly whether it happened in the afternoon or in the evening. It is the third or the forth time when gravestones are damaged in this cemetery. About ten of hundred gravestones are destroyed," Petrovic said.

The Diocese states that despite tensions in Kosovo and Metochia, none of its families left the village of Tomance and natural population growth is rather high there.